Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Appreciation #2: Fear (A process)

It's time. I just gotta say it.

Fear just 100% sucks.

Wait, it gets even worse.

Here we go. Ready?

Everything is energy.

Everything. That includes you and me. You know that "We are all one" crap?

OK, it's not crap.

Like variations on a theme, it's this eternal creative dance, always in process and with infinite variations. And the only way to get these variations are to allow something called "contrast" into the picture. For every "good," a "bad." For every "hero," a "villain."

For every action, an equal and opposite reaction. And that's how the game stays fresh and new.

Wait, it gets better.

You, powerful energetic one, get to decide what is "good," what is "bad," in your particular variation and then you get to decide if your version is "right" and then needs to be defended against those which are "wrong."

Or maybe you'll just allow all of your infinite brethren to play out their own stories and just "let it be," as in "live and let live."

Perhaps you desire something different, something "threatening." Now understand that this little gem is a hard one to create because of who you really are.

Remember at the top; everything is energy? An interesting little notion about energy is that it can neither be created nor destroyed. It just "is."

Starting to get a glimmer about who you really are?

So to feel "threatened," one needs to take one's power and essentially use it against oneself. Look at something and imagine ("make pictures") about how bad, awful, painful, wrong, dangerous, evil, sinister (fill in your favorite negative adjective here) it really is.

Focus on it; make it really big. Have it fill all of your sight, dominate your senses. It's sort of like taking a balloon and writing a really ugly face on it with markers while it's deflated.

Now you use your breath and blow it up really big. Hold it your own hand and put it right against your face until it's huge, scary and the only thing that you can see... and forget it was your breath that filled it up and that it's your hand that's pinching the nozzle, keeping it inflated.

That's fear, sometimes noted as False Evidence Appearing Real.

Ain't that a bitch? And remember, because everything is energy and "we are all one," the world around you will agree with your assessment and rush in to give you even more scary pictures and evidence to show you how right you are in what you're holding on to.

Yeah, law of attraction and all of that "nonsense."

But before you dismiss any of this, think about experiences in your past, good or bad, and recall how they tended to get better or worse the longer you dwelled on them. I'm not interested in convincing anyone here about anything. That would be ridiculous.

Nope, my only role is to point out the dots. You'll connect them as you see fit.

Funny thing about "dots" though. You can connect them in any way that you see fit.

That's the power of choice. That's why we're never stuck... unless we think we are.

...which is why fear sucks.

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