Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Appreciation on the Road

As there was no Trust30 prompt forthcoming today, I simply wish to share a good moment that happened earlier.

After wrapping up today's training assignment in Syracuse, NY, I hit the road in my rental, a Kia Sorento, a "crossover" SUV. It was about a two-and-a-half hour drive to get to Albany, NY, the state capital where I will wrap up my training and this road trip on Thursday.

This drive is through some very pretty, rolling hillside, overlooking the valleys of the Adirondack mountains. I was sitting very comfortably in the vehicle, admiring the lush green scenes laid out before me. I brought with me an MP3 player and a cable to hook it up to the stereo in the car, so I was cranking out my own selection of music and enjoying it immensely.

It was then that I just broke out in an enormous smile, a beautiful "now" moment of appreciation. Life was as good as it could possibly be right now, no waiting, or dreaming, or wishing, or hoping. It was here / now.

I was totally within the moment and loving it. Only one thing could have possibly made it better, and that was my love, Jeri, sitting by my side and sharing in the beauty and wonder.

Why not make it happen? Why not make the moment more?

I grabbed my headset and through the joy and wonder of technology, tapped a button and said into it, "Call Jeri cell." The mechanical female spirit said back, "Call Jeri mobile" and I replied, "Yes."

Lo and behold, I could then bring her voice into my ear, describing the beauty and have her "there" in the now, as close as I could.

Hundreds of miles away, in the middle of "nowhere."

She was "now here," with me.

I'm still smiling simply by sharing this here with you. It is timeless and it is now.

Cherish all that you can in your life, dear friends. Milk everything, appreciate it for all the joy you can mine. It's "instant gratification," how wonderful you'll feel now. It's also a deposit into your "future now" as you'll start to attract more.

Isn't that fantastic to know?

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