Friday, July 29, 2011


 Live the proof.
We can create our circumstance.
Live the proof.
Nothing is ever left to chance.
It's no dream, we can begin the world anew,
Here and now.
Live the proof

Live The Proof ~ Jim Boggia

Most of the photos you have seen in Amazed and Amused have been taken by me. I've only dived into the "royalty free" photo category when my own work hasn't fit the thought or emotion I was reaching for. Today's photo is one that is both a cherished and bittersweet memory and captures the subject perfectly.

Jeri and I both love music and in years past, we went to many concerts in and around the greater Philadelphia area. Our favorite venue was an intimate space in Bryn Mawr, PA called The Point. Frequently I would go into this club with an envelope filled with cash and a list of the dates, artists and numbers of tickets we wanted written on the front. It would draw acts on both a local and national scale such as Norah Jones, Five For Fighting and Vienna Teng among others.

Sadly, this beloved club lost their lease and closed on June 26, 2005. It is hard to believe that six years have gone by already! We actually purchased the table that we sat at for the final shows and still have it today.
The artist chosen to close The Point was a Philadelphia legend, singer/songwriter and creative madman, Jim Boggia. Jim has released three CD's over the years (Fidelity Is The Enemy; Safe In Sound; Misadventures In Stereo) and has become popular enough to tour the east and west coasts of the USA, Europe and Japan each year.

This night, Jim was "locked and loaded," giving his all and calling in many friends to appear with him on this small stage one final time. I was allowed to video the two shows and they still crackle with energy and emotion whenever I watch them. It was a fine and fitting send-off for The Point.

The picture above captures a glimpse into "the zone." Magic is flying in the space; the artist, his music and the instrument are one. The audience is in awe, witnessing a rare moment of perfect symmetry.

This is bliss. This is what we all strive for regardless of time, place, activity.

And I was fortunate enough to be there; even more fortunate to freeze one perfect moment, preserved in digital glory. Looking at this transports me "there" in a flash.

If you have a "touchstone" of your own such as this, treasure it and tap its magic often.

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