Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Selfishness Despite All

No matter what has happened, always behave as if nothing had happened. - Arnold Bennett

When things go wrong, don't go with them. - Anon.

Do not lose your inward peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset. - Saint Francis de Sales

Selfishness is hard. It is the best possible choice for an individual but it takes resolve, focus, and a desire to feel good above all else.

Look at what just happened over the past few days in Norway. Look at what is going on in Washington D.C. It would be incredibly easy to emotionally slide down the rabbit hole with the flood of human emotion, doing what is almost automatic and expeditious. The mass expects it. We expect it.

Can one do what is unexpected? Can one choose to stay conscious and choose to focus elsewhere when the entire society is pointing fingers, sobbing tears, taking sides, screaming etc.?

The answer is "Yes." But...

Is it easy?

The answer is "No."

At times, it is the hardest thing to do. This happens especially when you are concerned with the "good opinion of other people." The quotes that I chose to open this short piece with jumped out at me and highlighted what I am feeling from within, from my heart.

I am a passionate person. I care deeply about many things. The biggest question that I have to both ask and answer honestly is, do I care enough about myself to make the choices that feel right for me? These are the choices that at first, do not come easy.

These decisions matter... literally. They manifest into the substance and story of one's life. The wisest among us have said life is basically a "feedback loop." It shows us where we are vibrating. It is absolutely true, no deviation.

To look where one stands now takes courage because it is one's responsibility. All of it.

The good news is that in this fresh, new moment, one is able to respond anew, choosing to choose again. It doesn't end until the cover closes on this particular life story.

Am I selfish enough to choose what feels best, not give away my inner peace? I ask this now to tilt my life, my choice, in that direction. This is the best that I can now do. It is enough.


  1. I love this idea.

    It brought to mind the great Gandhi quote - "We must be the change we wish to see in the world."

    I believe that making the selfish choice you described, is in reality, the least selfish choice one can make. The events in Norway and what's going on in D.C. are things totally outside of our direct control. If instead we look inward and selfishly focus on becoming the very best people we can be (something we can totally control), then we will have so much more to unselfishly give away to the world around us. A world that is clearly in desperate need of positive influence. The more people who take this approach, the better the world we live in will become.

    Great post Rich.

  2. you are brave and courageous to swim upstream against the panic-driven American culture, focusing on things within your direct control. you inspire me! Rw

  3. Thank you Rich and Renee for the comments. If you feel that way, this is a commentary from you TO you as well!


  4. ....and then the choice is to be the Lighthouse - to illuminate that part of the planet where you happen to be at that given moment.
    Keep your peace, let the beacon shine and if any ships sail in your direction they might just use your light and stay clear of destruction....:-) or they might not.
    My father is a wise man and he said what I would never dear to say: What if that man started a wave of democracy and openness like we have never seen on this earth before.....what if he sacrificed his life to this horrible destiny. Who are we to judge him then?