Thursday, June 30, 2011

Announcing "The Writ"

Welcome to "The Writ"

Creative Ideas Light Up The World

I have always wanted to do a "creative writing performance piece" and now I've added to that description, "in repertoire."

What the hell does that mean?

Actually, it's pretty simple! Anyone who has participated in the Trust30 project has shown initiative at a given level. In many cases, it was a level that they didn't even know existed within themselves. To me, that was the most amazing thing that we created and shared.

An interesting idea (well, at least to me!) started to percolate in my brain today...

What could we create together?

Given the diverse personalities, backgrounds, experiences, ages and geographic locations of the numerous participants, what kind of story could we weave if we worked together under an particular set of rules?

So if you would like to play, here are my rules for "The Writ":

  • We are creating a work of fiction. You can base your contribution on experiences, dreams, ideas, notions, whatever, whether they be of a real or fantastical nature;
  • The story will be written a mere three paragraphs at a time;
  • Depending on the number of willing participants, that's how often your turn to add to and continue the story will come around. So if seven people want to do this, you will see your turn come up sometime within seven days;
  • After you write your three paragraphs, you will "toss the ball" to whomever you choose that hasn't contributed yet within that cycle. For example, using seven participants, if four people have already written and it's tossed to you, you write your three paragraphs and toss it to one of the remaining two people who have yet to add to the story in that cycle. A list of names will be at the bottom of the story, checked off each time you contribute, making it easy to keep track. Once everyone is checked off in that cycle, it starts over and the story can be tossed to anyone to begin a new cycle;
  • NOTE: This is actually harder to clearly explain than it is to do!
  • So that others can read the story as it continues to evolve, we will publish the story to date on each of our blogs. This way, not only can you enjoy it but non-participating readers of your blog could find this interesting and follow along;
  • You are free to end a chapter, start a new one or add a creative piece of art or photography anytime you see fit in the flow of the story.
  • You will also want to post to the Facebook page "The Writ" much like we posted to the Emerson page for the Self Reliance / Trust30 project.
That's it! I'm aiming to begin this on on Sunday, July 10th to allow as many as would like to participate time to work this into their schedules. I will kick it off that day with the title of the story and the first three paragraphs.

I promise not to start the story with "It was a dark and stormy night."

If you want to come along for the ride, respond back to this blog or on Facebook on "The Writ" page. That link is:

This project is created and offered in the spirit of the picture above. Creative ideas truly do light up the world.

Let's create one together.


  1. This is so awesome! I would love to join and will but that 'fear' of not being able to write fiction is welling up inside!!! But I will give it a go...I can always 'unlike' your page!!! lol Take care.

    Peace, Nico

  2. Nico, I eagerly look forward to your "link in the chain," a mere three paragraphs at a time.