Monday, June 27, 2011

Trust30, day 28; Alive-est

Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind. If we follow the truth, it will bring us out safe at last. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

When did you feel most alive recently? Where were you? What did you smell? What sights and sounds did you experience? Capture that moment on paper and recall that feeling. Then, when it’s time to create something, read your own words to reclaim a sense of being to motivate you to complete a task at hand.

Ni... ag...a...ra... Faaalllls... Slowly I turned, step by step, step by step...

That is an ancient comedy routine by Abbott and Costello. Very funny! You can see it here:

But that was it for me! In an earlier blog, I spoke of how I decided, even though dead tired and not too happy with the current state of things, to take a ride to the falls at night while visiting Buffalo, NY on business.

I have only been to these magnificent falls once before while driving with friends to Toronto in the late 80's. It was also the middle of winter with snow piled in the tens of feet by the Falls so needless to say, it was a short visit.

This time was deliberate. This time I needed to connect with something bigger than my current state of energy.

The big thing was that I found a spark to push myself and go in the late evening. That was a very good decision as it turned out.

If you've never been there, the first thing I can tell you is that you hear the power of the rushing water long before you get to the actual Falls. It is a roar that is hard to describe in any better terms than "all encompassing." It was fun to watch people on their phones near the river, screaming into them, trying to be heard. (Yes, I was eventually one of them, in case you were wondering.)

Then I noticed, even after 10 Pm, that there were still a decent gathering of people milling about the walkways, the Falls themselves, taking pictures, silently taking in the feeling of standing near such natural power. It's like a United Nations of visitors and that was pretty amazing to behold.

The Falls at night (and I did not have the best vantage point, which comes on the Canadian side overlooking the Horseshoe Falls) is still spectacular. They are illuminated by many colored, powerful spotlights. It is dazzling as the rising mists, water vapor you can see and smell, glows red, white, blue and shades in between. If you love nature, love water, enjoy connection with something greater, this is a place that you want to put on your short list to visit.

After speaking with my love, yelling into the phone, I drove back after taking it all in for an hour. How "ironic" that with my spirit renewed, a little project known as Trust30 came to my attention, starting the very next day.

Now I could jump in with no attention cast on my circumstances. I could and did choose to "let loose" and be more of mySelf, not holding back the joyous power of attention and expression that I am.

Thanks to Niagara Falls, I turned, step by step... and now I am pleased with the direction I am heading and it is getting better and more fun all of the time.

That's about as good as it gets (and it's still getting better!)


  1. I love Niagara Falls! One of my favorite places on earth. Being able to get so close to that kind of raw power is intoxicating. I can see how it would have the effect that it did on you.

    You have an amazing story. Thanks Rich.

  2. I resonate with your words, your description, your experience, Rich.
    "This time was deliberate. This time I needed to connect with something bigger than my current state of energy."
    I used to have a spot I would drive to when things felt overwhelming. The spot was the highest vantage point I knew of in my area. Where I could look out and remind myself that my life was a whole lot bigger than my small world.
    Thank you so much for sharing this!
    With great appreciation,

  3. I hope that each and everyone of us has "that spot" that allows them so feel that connected, that alive. It could even be the backyard. Anywhere is special if it's special to you.

    Thanks for sharing, Rich and Maya!