Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Trust30; day 30: 10 Year Text

Speak what you think now in hard words, and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said today. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Imagine your future self, ie, you 10 years from now. If he/she were to send you a tweet or text message, 1) what would it say and 2) how would that transform your life or change something you’re doing, thinking, believing or saying today?

Hey! You, Rich 2011... it's Rich 2021! Don't get frightened. The clarity of the message you're receiving is due to the fact I... you... well, you know what I mean! Anyway, there are no more keyboards! In fact, there are no more phones at all.

Remember that old, classic movie "The Terminator"? It works like that! The implant on the side of my ear allows for true 'hands free' communication and the lenses on my eyes allow for visual information to be sent or received.

By the way, if you think you're rocking TV now at 1080p, wait till you try 4320 "eye," literally in front of your eyes! Think you can't have new thrills at 65 years young? Think again!

Enough of the "sneak preview." I have something to share with you. Man, I hope your "smart phone" of ten years ago can receive this; it's important.

If I've timed this right, you should be on the verge of wrapping up that little project you dived into. You know, Trust30. That's the one that got you committed to blogging everyday and gained you new friends and compadres all over the world.

Well, it may be over, but...

Don't stop.

You'll have to take "our" word on this. The energy that you started flowing by doing that project continues to grow at a fantastic rate, stretching out in amazing directions. This is all because you decided to keep the momentum alive by doing something everyday and learning to act on your intuition.

I'm not allowed to give you any details (I may even be saying too much here!) but as a "future self," you are really going to like this if you just keep reaching out, taking small steps, feeling forward in joy.

That's it, I'll get us in a jam if I say anymore. What I can say is that I love "you" and look back in incredible admiration and appreciation for the supposed chances you took. You grew and continued to stay aware on your joyous journey.

Signing off... hope I didn't fry your phone with the frequency!

Wait... what the hell was that? Am I dreaming this?

Well, it feels too good, like I just got "hugged from the inside." So whether it was a dream or not, I'll honor it as some kind of message from Self.

Keep stretching? Yes, I will.

Try more new things for the joy of the experience? You bet.

Find constant delight in meeting more "like-feeling" souls on their own unique journey, thus enriching mine? The best!

And always reminding myself to stay as conscious as I can in the moment and remembering to reach towards what feels good?

That is a given; a gift that I can, do, and will give myself.


All ways.


  1. An exceptional post to wrap up with Rich!

    This has been a truly amazing experience and I am honored to have shared it with you my friend. You are an inspiration to me and I am grateful.

    Glad this isn't the end. Onward and upward we shall fly.


  2. Thank you, Mr. Proctor. You share the surname of Bob Proctor and I think that after these 30 days, the "Proctor didn't fall far from the Bob!" I have a feeling we will do something together again, quite soon.

    I like those feelings!

    All the best, my friend.


  3. Awesome last post & I love the end.. I feel the same way!

  4. LOL - nice. Who knows what a text is going to look like 10 years from now. Could just be a 3D bar code.

  5. This is wonderful! I too love the end. The last thirty days has been a wonderful journey! I really did not think I would make it through, but I did! I don't mean to 'pat myself on the back' OR MAYBE I DO!!! (and you too!) Thank you for all your support and your comments. Take care.

    PEACE, Nico